SUPPORT-BEAM is a collective of video and projection artists based out of the Laboratories at Civic TV.

We hold workshops, host and sponsor various forms of exhibitions, provide a support-community for our members, and offer creative and technical support to local musicians and artists who are in need of video based content.

We gather to work collectively, share resources, and to help build better infrastructure for video based art within the city of Houston. 

Information about and an archive of our future and past events, workshops, and meets can be found below.

Our members currently include Neil Jody (ebbflo), Ford Kent (Digital Intergalactic Network), Bradley Muñoz (P.L.X.T.X.), and Terry Suprean.  We are an open community, so if you are interested in joining with us please contact SUPPORT-BEAM through Civic TV's email address here.


  • NOVEMBER 4TH, 2017:  SUPPORT-BEAM will be hosting an outdoor live projection event during the closing party for the exhibition "Double Action Reversible", a collaborative exhibition by Domokos & Ciriza, at Civic TV Laboratories.


  • Under Construction