In addition to our arts space Civic TV Laboratories houses a Collective Interdisciplinary Laboratory which, through the use of three targeted cross-disciplinary programs, seeks to serve Houston's creative community through providing a physical space for collaboration, resource sharing and procurement, and hub for connecting creatives for interdisciplinary research and radical experimentation.

For more information or to inquire about working with us please contact us here.



Our sound program produces sound art and experimental music events throughout the year with a focus on promoting and strengthening collaboration between the avant-garde music and fine arts communities both locally and abroad.  Houston's sound art & experimental music community has historically been highly influential and a true gem of the Texas music scene, thus It is our desire to insure its legacy and give its community both a space dedicated to the specific needs of these kinds of performances, and hub for these musicians to meet and work together with visual artists to build community and experiment with new creative forms. 


​The F.I.U. - Texas serves as a critical writing & publication laboratory for various Civic TV & community initiatives that promote arts education in our community.   Our goal is to connect local artists and writers in order to generate critical dialogue in our community, and to help make accessible the publishing of art books and educational resources.  Currently we have two perpetual projects; the educational and archival project the HTX Artist Cookbook, and an initiative to publish art books for each of the exhibitions we hold connecting local artists to local writers in a meaningful way.  Our laboratory also acts as a physical space for writers and artists to meet and work together on new and experimental creative hybrids.

SUPPORT-BEAM is a collective of video and projection artists based out of the Laboratories at Civic TV.

We hold workshops, host and sponsor various forms of exhibitions, provide a support-community for our members, and offer creative and technical support to local musicians and artists who are in need of video based content.

As a collective we gather to work together, share resources, and to help build better infrastructure for video based art within the city of Houston.