JUNE 2018

Civic TV Laboratories is pleased to announce the opening of “Give Me Shelter”, an exhibition by former members of the Dallas based Beefhaus collective in collaboration with members of Civic TV Laboratories. This exhibition marks the start of a series of gestures between Dallas and Houston based artists and collectives aimed at sparking cross-pollination between the two cities.

“Realizing the promise of communism contained in the world’s fragmentation demands a gesture, a gesture to be performed over and over again, a gesture that is life itself: that of creating pathways between the fragments, of placing them in contact, of organizing their encounter, of opening up the roads that lead from one friendly piece of the world to another without passing through hostile territory, that of establishing the good art of distances between worlds.”
- The Invisible Committee 

We wish to present a starting point, actualized at this time in a real space in Houston, TX; a point from which may be drawn future sets of gestures towards the formation of better roads between the individual practices and collective acts of the artists who reside in these “friendly pieces of the world”. 
Give Me Shelter features artist Luke 
Harden, Nic Mathis, Adam Rico, H Schenck, and Terry Suprean.